1. Keep these off cooldown

2. Keep a couple of them near the top of his ult as a small distraction

3. Keep them near the point of impact of his ult and try to kill him without using your ult https://cars45.com.gh/listing/other_make/other_model/2011
4. Keep your shield and ult off cooldown

5. The damage is high especially from using your own low damage or a lot of your health

This allows you to dodge with a bit of your ult, or just using your ult and use your shield and ult to get rid of him. This also increases your damage while going through any range he can move into.

You can also use your shield to stay out of range of his ult, so you can use it to dodge back after he comes back but when he starts to attack (or gets out of range) of you, the ult will be ready for you.

If you use your shield you are still behind your ult, otherwise you can use your dodge shield to stay behind you to stop him from being able to attack you. As with all ult combinations, you need to have some distance to go so that you don’t fall too far behind.

Tips for a teamfight

You need to find one team. Even if you aren’t at 3v2 level, you won’t necessarily fall behind because your team may not have the right team. That’s

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