32-Inch TV & DVD Equipment in Uganda

32-Inch TV & DVD Equipment in Uganda

32-Inch TV & DVD Equipment in Uganda
32-Inch TV & DVD Equipment in Uganda

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32-Inch TV & DVD Equipment in Uganda’s Democratic Republic of the Congo-Congo National Security Council (NRC)

March 23, 2015

The UN Special Envoy for Eastern Africa, Dr. Robert Van Deynhoven, said in a statement that “in light of the recent outbreak in Uganda, the UN Mission-In-Chief is recommending a comprehensive and comprehensive approach to addressing the country’s ongoing security needs.”

He added, “Humanitarian organizations all over Africa urgently need to ensure that the situation in Uganda is not prolonged.”

“This is not just an American issue,” said Ms. Van Deynhoven, “an international incident is occurring that cannot be contained by any international entity, and the United States cannot ignore such an issue.”

Dr. Van deynhoven said he hoped that “the situation can become more comfortable and less tense, where some are able to come to us, who can address their concerns. I am certain that we are capable of doing that, as well.”

“We should not be scared. We have to do all that we can to resolve our concerns immediately and effectively. I will not stand by no matter what. I believe that if I continue to fight for this issue for too long and not even close to solving the problem, I will have a direct impact on the rest of our nations.”

“Our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy their education in school,

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